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My mother always told me before I could talk, I was singing. 

Music is not what I do, but who I am! As a young girl I sang in church choirs and I began writing music when I was ten years old. The union of my early influences being grounded in gospel and singer songwriter artists and later influences of hip hop and RnB has greatly shaped the artist I am today. 

I love to create, my deepest desire for myself is to push the bounds of my own ability as far as I can.

I launched an all natural, cruelty free cosmetics line, Those Girls Industries. This brand is meant for all the people who have been told they're too much, not enough, and unwilling to fit into society's ideals.

Don't be afraid to be "one of those girls". There is power in being unapologetic in your authenticity!

I don't have a need for fame, fortune, or even notoriety. 

I crave true, meaningful connection. If my words, thoughts, and creations make an impact on even just a few, that's enough for me.